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“Every Bite Counts”…Each mouthful is an opportunity to impact the healing process in a + or – way.

The Different Approaches


  1.  There are several different approaches to the feeding raw diet philosophy. One is called BARF, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This comes out of Australia from a veterinarian, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, whose philosophy includes using raw meaty bone as a large portion of a dog’s diet.
  2. Kymythy Schultze wrote a book entitled Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.  In her book, she refers to species-appropriate foods that are described and listed. Ms. Schultze tells you how to duplicate a natural diet for pets by using ingredients found in most grocery and health food stores.
  3.  Hardcore enthusiasts use the “Prey Model,” which involves feeding whole carcasses to animals.  The philosophy behind this model is that animal carcasses are full of live enzymes and nutrients that are perfect constituents in the digestive tract of a naturally healthy pet.
  4.  Lastly let’s talk about one of the approaches that we use at RAW! 4 PAWS AND MORE. Given today’s lifestyles and time constraints we suggest using prepackaged meals.  Our experience dictates that some of the models described above, perhaps particularly the Prey Model, are not found to be acceptable to some pet caregivers or they don’t fit the lifestyles of some caregivers and therefore, practically speaking, we cannot expect that those models will be used in all homes with pet companions.  RAW! 4 PAWS AND MORE believes that we provide an alternate that is practical, convenient, and affordable so that all pet caregivers can maintain their pets on raw food diets.

We want to tell you, though; it is good to experience these different approaches at least once. There is a lot of pleasure in watching your cat or dog enjoying the experience of being who they are, and the changes in them will be enlightening to you.  Most certainly, using any of the models described above are better alternatives to feeding commercial pet food to your companion. Not only do you know exactly what is in the food that you are feeding your pet, you know your animal is getting live enzyme-rich nutrients.

Who wants to intentionally feed DEAD food?