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“Know Your Options”… But not everyone knows what their choices are. Our mission is to spotlight some of your alternatives.

 Homeopathic Remedies

“Succinctly, homeopathy is a therapeutic medical science which holistically treats illness and inherent constitutional problems by applying the ‘like cures like’ principle and using minute quantities of specially prepared substances: these substances can be from the plant, animal, or mineral kingdom.”

A “remedy” as opposed to a drug or medicine, the homeopathic remedy does just that: it remedies a situation, causing symptoms (which are the expression of disease) to go away, leaving in their wake a more healthy functioning individual.”

Homeopathy is very helpful in achieving physical and emotional balance as well as addressing the symptoms of disease.


Case Study 1 – Continuing with our previous (Nutrition) animal example: Animal

F. & S. N.’s Collie, after the treat mishap, was given a homeopathic remedy that was identified during a Homeopathic Consult. Their animal experienced relief almost immediately and got back on the “showing signs of” improvement track. You know right away when you have the best remedy for the job. The results are that dramatic. We are now into summer and no scratching. Their animal’s skin is pink with no scabs or rubbing his muzzle on the carpet. He is not exuding body heat from areas once raw and bleeding. This is a perfect example of the relief that is available to alleviate a chronic situation.


Case Study 2 – A great example of a human given a Homeopathic remedy with dramatic results

Is the case of a friend’s Mother who was grieving the death of one of her four daughters. She was understandably beside herself with grief. Nothing could alleviate her pain. She finally ended up in the emergency room with extremely high blood pressure that would not respond to anything. Everyone was afraid for her health and safety. We are sure it was out of desperation that she tried our suggestion of an age old homeopathic remedy for grief. Fortunately it helped her blood pressure as well as her emotional state.


Homeopathic remedies come in liquid, soft tablet, or hard pellet form. They are easy to administer to your animal. We will share with you our experience on the best ways to give or take them.


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