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“Know Your Options”… But not everyone knows what their choices are. Our mission is to spotlight some of your alternatives.


There are three ways to conduct a consultation. It can be done over the phone, via the internet with the use of email and or chat, and the good old fashion way, in person face to face.
We offer four categories of consultations for animals as well as people:



Food Is The Best Medicine. If our animals are manifesting symptoms that cause them discomfort and we do a little adjusting and it goes away we tend to forget about it. But if the imbalance keeps coming back on a regular basis we have to look at our approach for the answers as to what is causing these symptoms or why your animal keeps getting out of balance. Read more


Homeopathic Remedies

“Succinctly, homeopathy is a therapeutic medical science which holistically treats illness and inherent constitutional problems by applying the ‘like cures like’ principle and using minute quantities of specially prepared substances: these substances can be from the plant, animal, or mineral kingdoms.” Read more



Many times in our quest for better health for ourselves or our animals we find a need to support one or two of the organs. This is what a glandular recommendation is about. Read more


Flower Essence Formulas

Flower essences address personality manifestations of imbalances. Our animals’ personality can be negatively impacted by seemingly unrelated events in their daily lives. Many times we are grossly aware of these changes because the behavior change is so dramatic. Read more