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“Food is the Best Medicine”… One aspect of our lifestyle is to approach health concerns for ourselves and our animals from a natural perspective.

Abouts Us


Who we are and what we do.

We are a family owned and operated retailer that specializes in making available raw food dinners for cats and dogs, and we are a nutrition education center for those companion animals and their health conscious guardians.
Our motto is:
Food is the Best Medicine.One aspect of our lifestyle is to approach health concerns for ourselves and our animals from a natural perspective.Our mission is to provide an arena by which we can make available raw food dinners to pet owners that are likeminded and, in that way, we achieve our shared objective of healthy animals using the most natural methods available.


Our Philosophy

Companion animals are full of unconditional love. They happily give us their all. We want to assist in reciprocating their gifts and we believe they deserve the best. RAW! 4 Paws And More offers a variety of human grade products for your companions. Education is also a key factor in the process of designing healthy diets for pets and we offer both group and one-on-one nutrition consultations. We are here to help you accomplish our mutual goal of healthier happier companions; naturally, of course.


How we got started.

Lita Caesar, one of our partners, has worked in the “raw feeding for cats and dogs sub-culture” for years and is well known for providing nutrition and homeopathic consultations. Over five years ago, Lita became one of the founding partners of 4 Paws And More, the only retailer committed to exclusively selling raw food diets and human grade supplements for companion animals. In 2008, the partners of that retailer decided to better identify themselves to their customers and created the new name, RAW! 4 Paws And More. Our new name is in line with our philosophy of being an education and nutrition center for companion animals everywhere. We want to let people know about their alternative choices in pet care and the tremendous benefits of feeding a raw food diet. We have had companion animals for over 40 years. There is no comparison between our animals fed commercial pet food and our animals fed raw food. The raw diet animals had softer coats, fewer health issues, and even less offensive body odor. Learning to care for them combined with learning from our own health concerns has illuminated our lives in ways we never expected. The experience has been ongoing, filled with one realization after another. Our main priority is to offer the highest quality products to meet your companions’ nutritional and emotional needs in the most naturally healthy way possible.

Lita Caesar

Lita Caesar



Best known as a leading animal homeopath and raw diet proponent in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area, and having fed her own animals a raw food diet since 1992, brings years of experience to the table. She received a Certification in Homeopathy from the American University of Complimentary Medicine in 2000. She has attended many seminars on Flower Essence Therapy and Nutrition. And, she is attending on-going classes in intuitive training with a focus on Animal Communication.

If you need any help with your pet concerns write to her lita@raw4pawsandmore.com