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“Know Your Options”… But not everyone knows what their choices are. Our mission is to spotlight some of your alternatives.

 Flower Essence Formulas

Flower essences address personality manifestations of imbalances. Our animals’ personality can be negatively impacted by seemingly unrelated events in their daily lives. Many times we are grossly aware of these changes because the behavior change is so dramatic. We never know how our animals are going to be influenced by the changes life can bring. But it can be very comforting to know that essences can be used to recover from traumas, losses, depression, and pain without the side effects of drugs. These formulas come in a liquid form that can easily be put in food or water so they are easy to administer.

The next example is about a cat that was not on a raw food diet:


Case Study 1 – Animal

The cat in question was part of a family of one human and one dog. His care giver decided to move away to another country and take her animals with her of course. Her dog handled the plane ride a lot better than her cat. After the trip her cat became neurotic, attacking the window and door screens and hiding under the bed. It was so dramatic the landlord asked the cat’s guardian to move because of the destruction. During a consult about her dog the guardian mentioned the issue with her cat. The consultation turned into a flower essence consultation for the cat. With a flower essence combination and the constitutional remedy of the cat the animal was better than before. He was deep down inside a great calm loving animal without the need to violently escape or hide. The results made all three of them a lot happier.


Case Study 2 – Human

Another very dramatic example of what flower essences can do was with a client of ours that brought her animal in for our non anesthesia teeth cleaning when we had a store front. She was not one of our “regulars.” Her animal was not on raw food and she was not familiar with our “genre.” She graciously listened to our philosophy while waiting for her dog. One day she asked us what we had that was “natural” for pain. Turns out she was in a great deal of pain. We did three of the Consultations for her. We came up with a great protocol to alleviate the pain and stiffness in her body. She was not ready to follow it. But she was interested in a flower essence formula. She was ready to be out of the emotional discomfort she was in. She realized all to well that whatever she was trying then for depression was clearly not working. She started her Flower Formulation and was so pleased with the results she requested another formulation when that one was finished. The formulas not only helped her depression and anxiety it also helped with her procrastination and her self image. A year later she came back ready to try the nutrition and dietary suggestions we had given her the year before. We are all entitled to go at our own pace.

Each formulation includes the actual formulation in a glass dropper bottle.


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