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“Help is Just a click away”… In these times of instant communication distance is not an issue.

International Client – FAQ’s


1. Who is your typical International client?

All of our clients are looking for a natural approach to maintaining their health or the health of their animals.  Our typical client can be put into one of two categories. Most of them are (or have been) vegetarian.  Vegetarians eat with the intension of fulfilling a purpose so it is easy to transfer feeding their animals with a purpose in mind, that of improved health and wellbeing.  The rest are guardians who are frustrated with or dislike the side effects  of  typical treatments to chronic issues because those approaches have not produced an end to the issue of concern.


2. What all consultations you provide for International Clients?

A Homeopathic consultation
for animals is when a homeopathic remedy is chosen to address certain health challenges.  For example we worked with a cat that was per the vet in first stages of kidney failure.  The cat was prescribed a special food for this condition.  Well this 17 years old cat was not having any of this new food.  So that prompted the owner to look for other answers.  Between the use of a glandular and a homeopathic remedy we were able to improve the cat’s tests results immensely.

A Homeopathic consultation for a person would be where the client has a health concern but is looking for alternative approaches to solve the issue.  Most of our people clients are reluctant to use medications to address health concerns because they are not comfortable with the side effects of traditional approaches.  They are interested in an approach that will treat the cause not just the effects of the imbalance.  For example we had a client that had chronic skin issues that started in his late twenties and escalated as he moved into his thirties.  The skin along his forearms would itch, burn, flake and sometimes crack and bleed.  With homeopathic remedies, glandular extracts, and dietary changes we were able to produce great relief from a condition that had been chronic.

A Glandular consultation
would cover identifying the organs that are in need of nutritional support and in what form the support should be in.  It could be a Glandular or a food.  Many times when there is an imbalance in the body there are one or two organs that are participating in “throwing the system out of balance.”  When one organ can not do its job the other organs try to “pick up the slack” thereby adding to the imbalance.
A Glandular Extract is prepared from free range animal extracts.  These Live Stock sources are government certified to be free of diseases, herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic hormones.  Glandular extracts are invaluable when trying to rebuild the efficiency of an organ that is having difficulty doing its job.

A Dietary and Supplement consultation
covers what foods and food supplements would rectify the imbalance and foster a healthy environment in our client. For dogs or catsthat would be in the form of what proteins, supplements, and vegetables would best support the animal’s body in its objective of ongoing health. We recently had a dog that needed its cruciate ligament repaired.  Just by changing the diet the animal was able to walk and run comfortable again.  Standing for long was another issue.

For people we base our dietary recommendations on the blood type diet.  Again “Food Is The Best Medicine” for all of our clients.  We eat everyday.  Each meal is an opportunity to mend imbalances.  It makes sense to take full advantage of these times.  One of our partners suffered with difficulty focusing for over 30 years.  Amazingly once grains were eliminated out of the diet it was easy to focus.  All those years of self-questioning could have been avoided.
All supplements for animals and people that we recommend are human grade or products made for humans since there is more regulation on people products than animal products.

Flower essence formula consultation? What are flower essences and flower essence formulas?
Flower essences are some of “Nature’s Gifts.”  Essences are made from the flowers of different plants infused with water or alcohol.  The flowers are left to sit in the water or alcohol in containers that are placed in the sun.  It is an extremely regulated process done under strict sanitary conditions.  The use of flower essences as a healing modality to bring about changes in the emotions and attitudes of a subject was first organized by an English Homeopathic Doctor Researcher named Edward Bach in the 1930s.  He really opened the “door.”  Today there are flower essences made from flowers grown all over the world that bring about amazing changes in people’s lives.   Flower formulas are extremely useful in situations where the subject wants or needs to make changes but can not let go of the patterns that created the challenge in the first place.  The Formula is created and selected with the subject’s intensions in mind.  These formulas are custom blended to facilitate the objectives of the subject.

Example:  We had a client who felt awful all the time.  She requested that we create a dietary program to help her feel better.  When presented with the recommendations she said there was no way she was ready for those changes.  She chose to take the flower essence formula only.  After a year of being on several flower essence formulas she gladly made changes in her lifestyle and emotional health.


3. How can you make recommendations without meeting your client in person?

With today’s technologies of email, text messaging, computer telephones, and Skype driving over to a health care practitioner for an in person appointment takes longer because of traffic.  Seriously, we use radiesthesia to close the gap in distance and improve our efficacy. (Kinesiology or the divining rod are examples of radiesthesia.)  It is a modality that employs vibrational information to identify the products, supplements, and or foods that enhance the vibration of the subject.   Vibrations are like radio waves.  We do not see them but we still use them daily to transmit valuable information.  It is very helpful to have a concentrated arrangement of the subject’s vibration as in the form of a picture and or a hair/fur sample.


4. What is Homeopathy and how does it work? Do you offer it for both Person and Pet

Webster’s dictionary defines Homeopathy as a system of medical practice that treats disease especially with minute doses of a remedy that would in healthy persons produce symptoms of the disease treated. It is based on the law of Similars – like treats like.
For example: if you have a cold that has given you a burning  irritation around your nostril you would use a remedy that during research or proving produced irritation around the nostril.  There are over 3, ooo homeopathic remedies.  Tese substances come in the form of pellets, liquids, tablets, and powders.  With so many remedies to choose from you need experience to guide you.  This is where the Homeopath becomes invaluable necessity.


5. What is your reply to My Vet does not agree with feeding raw food to my dog or cat?

Veterinarians are trained to treat diseases.  Typically they do not study how to maintain health or preventative approaches.  Most of them are not in favor of feeding raw food to their patience.  And have never experienced feeding raw food to their own pets.  That is a huge difference from our approach to optimum health.  We believe “Food Is The Best Medicine”.  We feel that you can not circumvent what Nature has designed.  We want to recreate the diet nature intended for our animals. Vets do not.  All one has to do is experience the difference.  There is no denying the facts.  Raw foods create favorable results.  We challenge you to experience the difference!


6. What is your typical recommendation for chronic (dis ease) imbalance in the body

Our typical approach would be to bring balance to the system (body).  Through the use of identifyiying the necessary dietary changes, supporting the organs under stress, and Homeopathic remedies we would help the body create clarity. All of our recommendations are customized to suit the needs of the individual subject.  Because we are all unique and deserve to be treated as such it is rare that any two clients will require identical recommendations. To that end each client ultimately needs their own consultation.  For example: identical twins may have the same health concerns but will still need customized analysis to insure that the recommendations are valid for each individual.

To book an appointment click here, please fill in the from on that page and Lita will get in touch with you with 24 hrs. Looking forward to building relationship.