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“Know Your Options”… But not everyone knows what their choices are. Our mission is to spotlight some of your alternatives.


Many times in our quest for better health for ourselves or our animals we find a need to support one or two of the organs. This is what a glandular recommendation is about. They are typically freeze dried live stock organs. Companies here in the U.S. usually purchase these organs from New Zealand or other countries where great care is taken to ensure the quality and safety of the glandular or organ to be used for health improvement purposes. These cattle are typically raised free range without hormones or antibiotics. Everything we recommend is human grade, hormone, and antibiotic free.


Case Study 1 – Again continuing with the example of F. & S. N’s. Animal

Typically when you have skin issues the Liver is in need of support. That is not always the case but this time a supplement to support the Liver was very helpful towards the desired outcome of our story. Two courses were all that were needed. If the recommendations are implemented results are quick and rewarding. Glandulars are easy to administer. You can give it as a treats to most animals They like the glands that much!


Case Study 2 – Human

Getting back to our example of the Blood Type B Young Man with digestion discomfort – about 18 months after our initial consult he called to ask what the supplement was we had suggested because the issues had returned and he wanted to try a different route than eliminating foods on the B Blood Type Avoid list. During a Gandular consult it was revealed that that supplement was no longer sufficient. We had to look for something else in addition. It turned out that this time his Gallbladder was in need of support as well. Once we accomplished our goal he was a “happy camper” again with no more digestion discomfort.


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